The pronouns of extravagant fur

The pronouns of extravagant fur

Fur, soft and warm, emitting a noble breath, fascinated the hearts of women in different times. The initial sign of the Fendi brand is a small squirrel, a small squirrel with a beautiful feeling. On the wedding anniversary of the Fendi couple, Edoardo Fendi gave his wife Adele a wooden picture on which a squirrel Dugen ^H squirrel was painted, so it was printed as a symbol of Fendi and printed on the product. On the top, it became the first sign of Fendi. The fur squirrel reminds us of fur.

The small shop was originally a small scale operation, but provided with expensive fur products. It was deeply favored by royalty, responsible people and social elite. The fur coat of Fendi is extremely picky on the materials, and it is very strict with the top fur.

Although the fur will give lip gloss, it is sewed by professional craftsmen Seiko. Fendi has become the pronoun of luxurious fur after Gucci.

After Carle lagufield joined Fendi, and the Fendi family members have made a bold innovation in the high quality voyage, making the original K fur coat soft and comfortable, and more able to foil the graceful posture of the women. The fur series he designed, whether it is the fur coat that he is responsible for, or the Utt’s avant-garde suspenders vest, makes the fur grass good people crazy. With a series of exhibitions, Fendi began to become a major brand in the international fashion world. The Blunmin Dyer department store in the United States took the lead in selling Fendi fashion in the United States, Fendi stores and authorized stores were gradually appearing on the top commercial streets of all the metropolises all over the world. The brand image of Fendi fur was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Lagerfeeld said, “Fendi is fur, and fur is Fendi”.

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