The new Hautacourroies bag inspired by Pop Art is seen

The new Hautacourroies bag inspired by Pop Art is seen from the doorway and stands out. The Mosaiqueau24 handbag is inspired by the inlays of the Hermès store at 24 Fubao Avenue and is given a chic square buckle. The traditional furnishings show that guests return to their childhood and immerse themselves in the joyful atmosphere of entertainment. In the men’s world, the hip-studded belt is contrasted with rough suede and 88 shiny metal rings. The calfskin derby shoes are inspired by Collierdechien jewellery and the rivets are adorned with double buckles. It also exudes a rock-and-roll atmosphere. The equestrian, electronic, and wolverine patterns in the cashmere silk square show the inner world of men. The city and towers, which are composed of red and white blocks, present a warm and feminine world. The Kellyado backpack has been re-interpreted in the design of the Renadumas in 1996 with a handleless retourne styling. Classic geometric, letter-patterned silk kerchiefs are given a new life here, with a wide-brimmed felt hat with many details and asymmetrical contoured leather gloves, guarding contemporary women who travel through the city.

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