,the harness has always been the inspiration for jewelry design

As a classic of Hermès brand Replica Love Bracelets Cartier, the harness has always been the inspiration for jewelry design. In this exhibition, the Alchimie H series combines the classic elements of Bouchel Sellier, Cha?ne d’Ancre Encha?née, Collier de Chien and so on. And use the inspiration of the harness products on the buckle Replica Cartier Jewelry. It is worth mentioning that the weight of each piece of jewelry in this series must be controlled within 140g, which is a challenge in jewelry technology. Another highlight of the chapter, the Collier de Chien jewellery collection is unforgettable with its elegant style and extraordinary volume. The opening and closing of the bracelet is hidden in the jewelry, and the unique design is opened by its unique pressure. A major feature of the series. The Filet d’or gold jewellery collection, through the designer’s reinterpretation of the horse’s iconic piece of the horse, reveals the exquisite beauty of this collection. Through unique craftsmanship, the combination of chain links, chains and horses creates a sleek shape that floats gracefully and lightly between the neck and wrist. This series of expressions is so extreme that the designer has given the equestrian equipment a whimsical transformation. The Hermès Nombre d’Or Gold Appreciation Exhibition specially invited set designer Antoine Platteau to present the jewellery display with the Japanese travel box as a creative inspiration, and to display the gold ornaments in a patchwork and elegant manner. The guests roamed the Nobre d’Or precious and exquisite jewellery pieces to appreciate the extraordinary charm of Hermes gold.

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