the gem itself Replica Cartier Jewelry

Cartier, a French fine jewellery brand, has been in business for nearly 170 years since it was founded in 1847 Replica Bvlgari Jewelry. In 1899, Cartier came to 13 Rue De La Paix in Paris for his accurate judgment of social trends and his dedication to top skills Replica Love Bracelets Cartier. He established the Cartier Fine Jewelry Workshop on the third to fifth floors. With the pace of Cartier’s journey to the world, the workshop has flourished in London and New York, and at the same time, with its open cultural perspective, it has created unique styles in different historical stages. In the Cartier Jewelry Workshop, craftsmen of various types of jewelers, inlays, polishers, founders and so on have come together, and such a large scale can only be realized in Cartier. Most of the craftsmen have been in business for more than 20 years, and many craftsmen have dedicated their lives to this building for generations, witnessing Cartier’s pioneering journey in the field of fine jewelry. They are not only the craftsmanship of craftsmanship, but also the ingenuity of creative passion. Someone at the Cartier High Jewelry Workshop saw that the craftsmen were seriously grinding the back of the jewels and asked inexplicably: ‘No one can see on the back of the jewels, why do you need to polish them?’ The craftsman replied: ‘Every detail has a profound impact. With the overall beauty of the jewelry, we believe that God will look at the back of each piece of jewelry!”

the gem itself Replica Cartier Jewelrythe gem itself Replica Cartier Jewelry

The craftsman’s persistence and rigor motivate them to pursue the perfection of the details in the production process, and the spirit of “every step is perfect” is Cartier. The belief in high-quality jewelry workshops. From the receipt of the designer’s hand-drawn manuscript, the jewelers began a challenging journey of creation. Because of the irreplaceability of each gemstone, they first need to comb the material to ‘show the most beautiful side of the gem itself Replica Cartier Jewelry.’ First, the jeweler grinds the model with soft wax or hard wax. Because the wax sculpture is relatively free, the sculptor can better interpret the form of the work. The inlayer uses the wax pattern to study the decorative effect of the gemstone: how to match the color, what kind of resonance, what kind of placement angle? Then, the jeweler uses the waxing method to take the precious metal parts, and through this superb technology and profound aesthetics, the details and proportions of the works are perfectly presented. The gemstone cutters are meticulously crafted and sculpted, with dexterous hands cutting the gemstones one by one at the best cutting point to reveal the most embarrassing side. The inlays use a variety of inlay methods for gemstones, including enamel, claw setting, pavé or embedded inlays. Regardless of the size of the stone, all are hand-set, so this is a time-consuming process. Once the force is not properly applied, the gemstone may be damaged during the setting process. The jeweler then combines the various parts of the jewel by fixing or articulating and polishing and polishing each detail. The polisher will work according to different metal materials: like the jewelry base and the hollow part, Cartier will use a special line of cotton to achieve a pure and shiny polishing method; while the fine edges of the set are made with sharpened goose feathers. Polishing, these interesting tools come from the inheritance of ancient handicrafts. Gem screening, design drawings, carved wax patterns, precious metal casting, gem cutting and engraving, hand inlaying, jewelry fixing, polishing and polishing, the creation process of high-quality jewelry works takes time and effort of the entire work team for months or even years. Therefore, every piece created by Cartier’s fine jewelry workshop is unique.

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