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A story caused by a necklace: marriage story. This is a necklace made of agate, which was given to her by Avin a few years ago. Although it was not worth a few dollars at the time, it could be sent out from the hands of a big boy, and she was very touched, and she belonged to the girl who was unconsciously moved. That was when they first met, and Avin sneaked into her, and in her house, Awen personally put the necklace on her neck. The bright, cool beads of the whole body are shining with the maroon light, and the moment you wear it, people will have an illusion of wanting to calm down. After that, this necklace became her favorite. Every summer, she will appear on her neck on time, the feeling of cold and cold is so comfortable, that is the only token he gave her, her baby, her dreams and hopes… The beads were smashed by individual ones, and they were scattered in the palm of their hands. Looking at them, her heart was entangled again… it was a necklace that made their love Replica Cartier Jewelry, and they got together their marriage, but now this one The chain symbolizing love has broken, does this mean that their marriage has come to an end… Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but sigh. The feeling of wearing the necklace for the first time was so clear, but their love was awkward… She remembered her mother’s words: ‘He seems to be a prodigal son, he will never live. It is not appropriate for you to be together.’ How confident and how firm she was at that time. Now, in the face of difficulties, she can’t afford to touch her energy. Is it that the love of that string of beads can’t stand the storm? Have they been indulged in their dreams? You know, because of the infiltration of the agate, her heart was as sweet as honey in the summer of that year. ‘Or return the necklace to him.’ When she heard the mother say this, she held the necklace in her hand, but she did not listen to her mother. They are so in painful love… until they finally walk into the wedding scene. Marriage is pragmatic and life is harsh. When romance is trivial, when love becomes a habit, there is a gap between them. It is not easy to love each other, and it is more difficult to keep them. This is a problem that lies in front of them. ‘If you can’t go on, you can leave at any time.’ This is the message that Awen didn’t care when he went out. This sentence is like a cone-like thorn. She really feels distressed. – Is it really giving up? No, no. She shook her head in pain, tears dripping down her cheeks in the palm of her hand, wetting the dark red beads… She turned back and brought the red silk rope, she wanted to string them up… Finally, the beads were stringed together, and her mood was calmed down a lot. ‘I should put it back on,’ she thought. So she stood up and walked to the mirror and carefully put the newly packed chain on her neck. The red and white beads immediately live like a soul, like her now. With relief, there is nothing terrible! The sky has begun to darken, but Awen’s figure has not yet appeared. He won’t really want to break up? Xiao Ai’s heart was entangled again, and she began to sit still. ‘Xiao Ai, Awen Hao is still not coming, are you quarreling again? He doesn’t want you? Haha…’ Someone shouted at her in the yard. That person is called the wind, and is a good friend of Awen. A forty-year-old man who sold a shabu-shabu at the night market, although he knew that he was joking, could have glanced at him in Xiaoai. ‘Far fare, he won’t, maybe he will come soon!’ She screamed loudly, some of which had no silver three hundred and two. In fact, to tell the truth, she has no bottom in her heart. ‘You still have to go out and see, don’t be like losing a soul.’ Wind’s wife Xiaohe came over. ‘Well, let me call,’ she said slyly, and then ran out of the yard like a flight… Soon, she stood at the alley, but did not see the person she wanted to see. Only the street that runs through the north and the south stretched out to the outside of the village… She looked up and saw several shops across the street. The light is on. ‘Maybe you should call first.’ she thinks. The foot couldn’t help but cross out… ‘Isn’t that equal to compromising yourself? Isn’t this clarifying that you are wrong again?’ When she thought about her, she took back the feet that had just stepped out. The night is getting more and more heavy, he still has no news, she really can’t wait, who is right or wrong is not important at this time, it is important that she wants to know his news, it is best to see his people as soon as possible. She hurried into the smoke hotel opposite. ‘Please call 15236692, where are you, call back soon.’ She only put down the phone after two calls. ‘You wait and don’t go! Pomegranate seedlings’ The owner of the smoke hotel reminded her that perhaps she was watching her out of the house thinking she was leaving. ‘Thank you,’ she smiled and took the stool and sat outside the door. ‘Drip…drop’ the phone rang! She rushed into the house. ‘Where are you?’ she asked nervously into the microphone. ‘I am in the grocery store in the village. Where are you? They said that you went to me, but I didn’t see you.’ The voice of Arvin on the phone was very urgent, obviously an anxious result. ‘I am across the road from the smoke hotel, I…’ She choked and couldn’t speak. ‘You are waiting there, I am coming to find you.’ Putting down the phone, she hurried out of the smoke hotel, when Arvin had crossed the street and was running towards her side. ‘Awen!’ she screamed and hurried forward. Two people hugged each other for a long time Replica Love Bracelets Cartier… never let go.

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