Fendi Hope it can create a brilliant future

Like many other luxury brands, Fendi is racking its brains to make stars become their own salesmen. Fendi has a private club that specializes in fashion dazzling parties around the world, the scene #1* to influential stars, models, athletes, and so on, they will wear Fendi’s fur, dress, high heels… This is a completely different atmosphere from the simple T walk show.

Wai, Maggie Cheung, Momoka Ezu and many other stars have been invited.

In the 90s 20tt fashion brand acquisition tide, Fendi has also been a big group’s acquisition target. Fendi, a family run company, also needs financial support from big consortia to expand its business. In 2001, Fendi was acquired by MOET & CHANDON henneville, the largest luxury group in the world, but in order to maintain Fendi’s brand characteristics, the MOET & CHANDON Hennessy Louis Wenden group allowed members of the Fendi family to continue to be responsible for the management of Hao, and took 3 years to build a magnificent headquarters in the founding period. Hope it can create a brilliant future.

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